Falling In Love?


Girl...everybody do fall in love and it is very normal.Falling in love is a sweet feelings and it is as sweet as an ice cream.

Signs that show we are falling in love are:
  • You'll read his texts over and over.
  • You'll walk really slowly when you're with him.
  • You pretend to be shy when you're with him.
  • While thinking about him,your heart beats faster.
  • Just by listening to his voice,you'll be smiling.
  • When looking at him,you can't see anyone else.
  • You start listening to slow songs.
  • He becomes all you think about.
  • You get high off of his smell.
  • You'll be smiling when you're thinking of him.
  • When you're looking at something,it'll remind you of him.
Eventhough,there are no specific name mentioned here but you'll think of him.

P/S:I am thinking of you when I am writing this :)

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